Material: Acrylic

Non-deposited thin-film notch filter

Thickness range: 100 microns - 250 microns

Thin-film layers protected for scratch resistance

Transition Edge Slope <3%

Average Transmission > 85%

Peak Transmission > 90%

CWL Tolerance < 3%

FWHM: 6-8% of CWL


Size and shape customization available. Contact us to order.


Available for OEM integration with customizable size, shape, thickness and specifications. Contact us today to discuss your OEM requirements.

Single Notch Filters (600 - 700 nm)

Center Wavelength (CWL)
Dimensions (circle diameter or square size)
Optical Density (average)
  • Cutting: can be cut with laser, razor cutters or scissors

    Cleaning: water and soap, deionized water

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