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We are Everix, the future of optical filter industry

Our Story

Our Story

Everix was born of an idea inspired by the optical fiber manufacturing process. Our co-founder, Dr. Hooman Banaei, turned his storage unit into a workshop where the initial proof-of-concept work was performed. He was soon joined by co-founder Justin Boga to develop a professional facility and processes that led to the first commercial products in 2018. Everix has ever since evolved into a community of caring members who genuinely want to do good for the world.

Among its members, Everix is metaphorically thought of as a village, with its citizens called Everixians. Everixians strive to improve health and life quality for all global civilians by innovative products that enable innovation in fields of medicine, science, and technology.

The name Everix was inspired by Mt. Everest to remind Everixians every day of their commitment to reach the highest points of the industry and impact lives of global citizens to an extent never possible before in the thin-film industry.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

The current optical filter industry has not seen sufficient innovation in decades, limiting customers to only two choices of either high performance or affordability at scale. The world has unaddressed needs for affordable, high performance optical filters in the areas of personal health, energy, automotive, and consumer electronics to save and improve life quality for billions. Everix brings both high performance and affordability together to offer a world of new possibilities to our customers, and ultimately, all global civilians as the end users.



Hooman Banaei and Justin Boga


Our Value Bricks

The building blocks of Everix village are our value "bricks":

  1. Everix in an ego-free village with all its citizens respected equally to ensure speedy problem solving, both internally within our community, and externally with our customers and partners.

  2. We do what is best for our customers, because our impact on the world will be maximized with successful customers.

  3. A+ness and leadership with empathy pave all roads in our village. We believe there is an A+ player in all humans, and we strive to bring the best out of each Everixian by leading with empathy and empowering Everixians at all levels to grow to their best potential.

  4. We challenge our creativity by designing win-win outcomes.

  5. We only participate in the business of saving and improving lives.

  6. We strive to have a net-positive environmental impact by consuming 70x less energy than other filter technologies and responsibly handling process materials.

  7. Money is not our goal. It is a byproduct of delivering our best to the world.

Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

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To this end, Everixians:


  • Deliver optical filters that meet or exceed customer expectations of both quality and time, because our customers need reliability to be successful with the important products they develop for humanity.

  • Innovate and continually improve.

  • Listen to our customers to fully align our innovation and continuous improvement with their needs.

  • Prioritize safety and health of Everixians as the foundation for sustainable innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Persistently strive to have a net-positive environmental impact.


Our Team



Hooman Banaei, PhD

Co-founder, Board Director, 


Justin Boga

Co-founder, Director of Engineering & Automation



Hooman Banaei, PhD



Sinclair Vass

Chief Commercial  Officer

Our Team
Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Gary Lauder 

Board Observer


Hooman Banaei, PhD



Jim Northup

Board Director


Mark Wippich

Board Director

Our Partners

Our Partners

Everix has a global network of direct and indirect sales and business development partners. Please contact us so we match you with the best local partner to address your ultra-thin filter needs.

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Join Everix

Joining Everix

If you are a talented engineer or scientist in the areas of electrical, polymers and inorganic materials, optics, spectroscopy, automation or if you are passionate about commercial aspects of such technologies, and you find Everix Value Bricks matching with yours, please contact us to explore how we can build a better business together.

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