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Customized Filters

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Customizing optical filters is at the core of our offering to OEM's requiring compactness in optical devices and economies of scaling beyond traditional possibilities. Our non-deposition technology allows most filter types and specifications manufactured more economically at scale than traditional vacuum deposition based methods.​

Customized Filters
Standard Filters

Standard Filters

Everix's ultra-thin, all-plastic optical filters feature total thickness in the range 100 - 500 microns, suitable for device miniaturization, optical path length reduction, and innovative designs requiring non-traditional geometries.

Everix's non-deposition manufacturing technology allows for customization of filter curves with blocking OD in the range 2 - 6. Th Ultra-Thin filters also provide an ideal balance between cost and performance for most applications. You can find a wide range of standard products at the links below.

Asset 431.png

Single- and Multi-Notch Filters 

Up to OD 6

Asset 442.png

Long- and Short-Pass Filters

Up to OD 4

Asset 453.png

Single- and Multi-Bandpass Filters

Up to OD 4

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